pataypatáyn dead one, deceased, lifeless oneGinlubong na ninda an patay.They have-buried the dead-one already.pagpatáyn murder, a murderingGin-akusar siya san pagpatay.He was-accused of-the murdering.parapátayn murderer, killer. Refers to one who does this on a regular basisWara pa madakop an parapatay.The killer has not been-caught yet.parátayadj deadly, virulent, pestilentParatay an mga manok san agihan san sakit.Mosquitos are deadly when a-source of sickness.tikapátayadj dyingAn tikapatay na pasyinti mabaskog na.The dying patient is-getting-stronger now.patay-pátayadj very weak, almost deadPatay-patay ini na lalaki; dili maaram mag-isip.This man is very-weak/almost-dead; he does not know how to-think.magpatáyv [c6] MAG- act; -ON pat; I- ben. killNagpatay sinda sin tulo na tulisan sa Mindanao.They killed three bandits in Mindanao.ipatáyv kill for someoneIpatay man ako san namok sa akon likod.Please kill the mosquito on my back for me.patayáv turn off, shut off, squelchPataya na niyo ina na radyo kay kaingog.Have that radio turned-off by-you-pl because it is so-noisy.mamatáyv [c2] MANG-, UM-, MA- exp. die, expire, pass away, kick the bucket, perish, give up the ghostWara man sin sakit an akon karabao pero namatay.My water-buffalo was not sick but it-died.Habo pa siya mamatay.She does not want to-die yet.kamatáyonn deathDili kita mahadlok sa kamatayon.We should not fear death.makamamátayadj difficult, very hardMakakamamatay ini na trabaho.This work is very-difficult.

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