bulang1búlangn cockfightAn bulang dili maayo na dibirsyon.A cockfight is not a good recreation/diversion.synpurok cockfight crowdbulangánn cockpit. Refers to the place for cockfights (rooster fights)Adto sinda sa bulangan.They are at-the cockpit.ibúlangv [c6] MAG- ag; -ON- pat; I- acc. have a rooster fightSa fiesta na ibulang ko ini na akon manok.During-the fiesta I will-have this rooster of-mine fight.iburúlangn cockfighting rooster, rooster for cockfightsPinatay ba niyo idto'n akon iburulang?Was that cockfighting-rooster of-mine killed by-you-pl?bulángonv cockfight, rooster fightBulangon ta an aton higot?Shall we have our tied-ones rooster-fight?

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