gamitgámitn use, functionNano an gamit san tahian na makina?What is the use of-a sewing machine?gamítonv [c8] 1MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN loc; I- inst. be used, be utilized, be employedGamiton ko an kutsilyo pagpanit sin ubi.I will-use the knife to-peel the yam.2sexually molest, rapeGinamit siya san dulag sa prisohan.She was-sexually-molested by-a prison escapee.garamitónn equipment, utensils, furniture, tools, implements, furnishings. This is a generic, non-specific, term for all kinds of things people use in their business, work, profession or homeGin-ubos san makawat an inda garamiton.All their equipment was-taken by-the thieves.Variantkagamitán

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