sabisábiv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. say. A distinctive feature of this verb is that the patient function is never topicalized because it is usually introduced as a dependent clausemagsábiv sayMagsabi ka kun nano an imo gusto.Say what you want.sabíhonv tell, say, said. This verb form is frequently abbreviated to just the root form, sabi. Sabihon mo sa iyo maestra na may sakit an iya baboy.Tell your teacher that her pig is sick.'Nag-agi kami agod amon siya ipalista,' an sabi ni Itay.'We passed-by so-that he would be-enrolled by-us,' was what Itay said.isábiv tell, disclose, divulge, admitIsabi mo an kamatuudan para dili ka mahatagan sin mabug-at na kastigo.Tell the truth so-that you will not be-given severe punishment.sabíhanv tell, adviseSinabihan mo na ba sinda na mag-atinder sa pagtiripon?Have you already told them to-attend the meeting?masábiv can say, can tell, able to say, able to tellAko an masabi na nagapangayo ka sin lubi.I will-be the-one able-to-say that you are-asking-for a coconut.Dili ta masabi kun san-o mangyayari an aksidente,We cannot tell when an accident will-happen.synsaysay tellsumat reportpanabíhav be told obligatorilyPanabiha ina sinda na mag-udong pagharantak.Let them be-obligatorily-told to-stop gambling-with-the-coins.Variantpanabihipasábin notice, message, rumorMay pasabi na makadi an Prisidinti.There-is-a rumor that the President will-come.cftanda signkaratula signboardsynpaaram noticeabiso noticepasabot noticekamangnonoticenotisya newskasabihánn sayings, proverbsNaniniwala ka ba sa kasabihan?Do you believe in proverbs?kasurusábin gossipSiya an kasurusabihi sa amon lungsod.She is the topic-of-gossip in our town.synpagtabilgossiptitit gossiptsismisgossip

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