ma-2adj affixstate of being. On adjectival roots ma- indicates state of being of the noun being describedFor more information see the Grammatical Sketch, sec.óm)adjAn sa sulod san kahon usad na matahom na kulibangbang.It is beautifulA beautiful butterfly was-what was-inside of-theáwo)vbecome a person. Here ma- forms a Stative verb from a noun specifying what the Topic will become.Matatawo na sa Betlehem an Manunubos na si Jesus.The Redeemer who is Jesus will-be-born-a-person inók)vbecome rotten. In the following example the ma- affix occurs with an adjectival root to form a stative verb.Madudubok an iya isda.His fish will-become-rotten.

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