agaágan morningAn amon simba kada Domingo na aga.Our-excl worship is every Sunday morning.kàagáhonn early morning, before dawnIgalarga kita buwas na mga alas dos an kaagahon.We intend-to-leave tomorrow about two o'clock in-the early-morning.màaga-agáadv very earlymag-ágaadj overnight, all nightKada bulan an mga batanon magsasarayaw hasta na mag-aga.Every month the young-people will-dance all night.màagáadj dawn. Can refer to period just before sunriseNakapangkaturog kami maaga na.We-all went-to-sleep at-dawn.mâagaadj almost morning, before dawnMaaga na!It is almost-morning already.

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