sarigsárigadj MA-masárigadj firm, sturdy, secure, solid, durableMasarig ini na kamalig.This storeroom is sturdy.syntibay durablemagsárigv [c2] MAG- act. trust, have faith, believe, rely, dependMagsarig ka sa Dios.Have-faith in God.syntuod2 believepagsárign faith, trust, confidenceDako an iya pagsarig sa Dios.His faith in God is great.pasarígonv [c4] make sturdy, make dependable, make durableMAGPA- act; PA-..-ON pat. Pasarigon ko an akon balay.I will-make my house sturdy.pasárign promise, pledge, oath, assuranceDamo siya sin mga pasarig.He has-plenty of promises.masaríganadj dependableMasarigan ini na mga surmaton.These words are-dependable.

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