hawidháwidv [c3] MAG- ag; -AN pat; PA-..-ON goalhawídanv 1grasp, hold onHawidi ini na alambri kay akon ihigot sa harigi.Hold this wire because I will-tie-it to-the post.cfgapot synhuyot holdingbuknit hold firmlykapot tagal1 2dissuade, touch gently, mediate between persons. Means, for example, to invite a guest to stay longer, or to try to persuade someone not to leavecfhimil1 magháwidv supervise, control, take charge ofSiya an nagahawid sa pinakahamubo na siksyon.She is the-one supervising the lowest section (of school).pagháwidn hold, graspSiguruha an imo paghawid agod dili ka mahulog.Make-sure-of your hold so-that you will not fall.parahawídn holder. Refers to one in charge of holding somethingAn parahawid sa ilawan nawawara.The one-in-charge-of-holding the lamp is-missing.

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