litsonlitsónSpn roasted meat, barbecued meat. Refers to a whole pig or chicken roasted on a spitIgwa sinda sin duha na litson.They have two roasted-meats.paralitsónn barbecuerDarahon mo an baboy didto sa paralitson.Take the pig there-(distant) to-the barbecuer.synlitsonérobarbecuermaglitsónv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON pat; IPA- acc. barbecue, roastNagalitson sinda sin manok.They are-barbecuing a chicken.litsunónv be barbecuedSan-o nimo litsunon an imo baboy?When will your pig be-barbecued by-you?litsunánn barbecue place, barbecue pitDamo an tawo sa litsunan ni Tata Eko.There-are-a-lot-of people at the barbecue-pit of Tata Eko.

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