luha1lúhàn tearsPinahid niya an akon luha.He wiped-off my tears.Variantluhâluhàánadj tearyPirme lang luhaan an iya mga mata.Her eyes are-always teary.maglúhàv [c7] MAG-, UM-, MANG-, exp; -ON, pat; I-, acc. shed tears, move or dissipate by tearsNano kay nagaluha ka?Why-are you shedding-tears?cfmagtangiscryluhâonv dissipate something by tearsGinluha ko na lang an akon kaurit sa iya.My anger towards her was just dissipated-by-tears.ilúhav remove by tearsIluha mo ina na puling sa imo mata.You remove that speck in your eye with-tears.

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