sabotsabótCebv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmakasabótv able to understand, able to agree toNano kay dili kamo nakasabot?Why can't you-all understand?kasabútann understanding, agreementWara ako kaaram san imo kasabutan.I had-no knowledge of your agreement.Variantkasabótpasabótn noticecftanda signkaratula signboardsynpaaram noticeabiso noticepasabot noticekamangnonoticenotisya newsipasabótv cause to understandAmo ini an gusto ko ipasabot sadto.This is what I want you to-understand regarding-that.cfaram magsabótv notify, informsynpaáraminform, give noticemagsábotv [c4] MAG- act; -ON pat. agree, arrange to do somethingMagsabot kita kun anhon ta ini.Let us agree on-what-to-do-about this.magsabútanv MAGPA- act; MAG-..-AN exp; MA-..-AN pat. understand each otherDili pa sinda nagasabutan gayod san inda pagaistorya.They did-not yet really understand each-other.magpasabótv understand somethingIna nagapasabot na magpaaram ka na.That causes you to-understand that you will-bid-farewell then.masabútanv be understoodDapat masabutan na maayo an pamilya.It-must be-understood that the family is good.

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