lakatlakátCebv [c8] MAG-, MA- act; -ON pat; I- acc; -AN locmaglakátv 1walk, go away, leaveDili ka maglakat kay gab-i na.Don't leave because it is already night-time.synlakaw walk2run away from homeNaglakat si Juana kay ginbunal san iya iloy.Juana ran-away because she was-whipped by her mother.ipalakátv send awayPinalakat ko si Enrico.I sent Enrico away.maglakat-lakátv strollDida lang ako naglakat-lakat.I was just there strolling.paglakátn walking, running away, sending away, strollingDili ko aram an iya paglakat.I do-not know her departure-time.lakátanadj truantLakatan ini si Renerio.This Renerio is a-truant.synlakwatsérotruantpagpalákatn administration, management. Refers primarily to government administration

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