pyistapyístaSpn fiesta, carnival, celebration, festivalAn pyista san Masbate kada Hunyo trisi.The fiesta in Masbate is every June thirteen.Variantpístapyistáhann festival placeNagkadto kami sa pyistahan.We went to-the festival-place.kapyistáhann fiesta dayNiyan an kapyistahan san amon lunsod.Today is the fiesta-day in our town.mamyístav attend a fiestaKamo na lang mismo an mamyista.Just you-pl yourselves will-be-the-ones to-attend-the-fiesta.magpyístav [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- acc; PA-..-ON pat. attend fiesta, hold a fiestaNagpyista kami sa Baleno.We celebrated the fiesta in Baleno.magpamyístav attend fiestaGinapangita siya san mga nagapamyista.The-ones-who were-attending-the-fiesta were-looking-for him.

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