panambaypanámbayCebn adultery, fornicationGinapakasala niya siya'n panambay.He is-causing her to-commit-the-sin of adultery.magpanámbayv [c2] MAG- act. womanize, fornicate, prostitute, commit adultery. Means to persistently indulge in adulteryWara siya nagapanambay.He is-not womanizing.pagpanámbayn adultery, fornication, fornicating, womanizing, prostituting, promiscuous sexual behaviorDapat gayod kamo maglikay san pagpanambay.You must really avoid adultery.parapanámbayn womanizer, adulterer. One who regularly engages in adulterySi Pedro parapanambay.Pedro is a womanizer.cfsambay concubine

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