badilbadílBkln gunO, may tawo na may badil.O, there-is-a person who has-a gun.parabádiln shooter, gunnerKakabliton na san parabadil an kablitan.The shooter was-about-to-pull the trigger.baradílann gunfightdibadíladj armed with a gunMga dibadil pa kuno ina na mga makawat.In-addition those thieves were-armed-with-guns it-was-reported.magbadílv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN loc; I- acc/ben. shoot at somethingNagabadil sinda Steve sin kabog kun gab-i.Steve and-friends were-shooting a bat last night.ibadílv shoot for someoneIbadil man ako sana na sapat na ada sa kayo.Please shoot that bird there in-the kapok-tree for me.

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