luholuhôn hole, aperture. May be in the ground or elsewhereIgwa dida sin luho.There-is a hole there.synlusatholebuho holelusbot1 holemagluhôv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN loc; I-ben. make a hole, dig a holen digging a holeDili ka dida magluho.Do not dig-a-hole there.Dili masayon na trabaho an magluho.The digging-of-holes is not easy work.iluhôv make a hole for someoneIluho anay ako sani na tabla kay butangan ko la sin tubo.Please make-a-hole in-the board for me because I will just put a pipe in-it.luhùánv make a holeNano kay ginluhuan mo an amon dingding?Why was-a-hole-made by-you in our wall?

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