lubadlubádCebadj fadedmaglubádv [c3] 1MAG- exp; -AN pat. fade, run. Refers to the change of color of dyed material over time or due to heatNaglubad an iya bado.Her dress faded.2change attitude, change character, change personalityAn iya ugali wara maglubad.Her character did not change.lubadánv be stained, be discoloredAyaw pag-isakot ina na bado ko kay basi kun lubadan ina.Don't mix that dress of-mine with-others because it-might-be-stained.malubadánv be stained, be tarnishedNalubadan sin pula an akon puti na kamison.My white slip was-stained with red.synmantsa stain

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