biyobíyòv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accbiyûonv be combined, be merged, be unified. Refers to combining items togetherGinbiyo an inda mga balon.Their provisions were-combined.magbíyòv live togetherNagbiyo sinda sa isad na balay.They lived-together in a house.makibíyòv join, associate withMakibiyo kami sa iyo grupo.We will-join your group.kabíyòn housemate, concubineAn kabiyo ni Anita makawat.Anita's housemate is a thief.synsambay concubinekabit2concubinebiríyòadj togetherBiriyo kami sa isad na balay.We-excl are together in one house.cfupod

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