ubos2ubósadj depleted, exhausted, consumed, used upUbos na an inda balon.Their provisions are-exhausted.mag-ubósv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN ben; IPA- acc. consume, devourNag-ubos si Pepito san ginluto ko na ginat-an.Pepito consumed the coconut-candy which I cooked.ubusónv be devouredUbuson ko ini na tanan na bibingka.All of this rice-pancake will-be-devoured by-me.ubusánv consume for someoneUbusan ko si Ofelia sani na bibingka.I will-consume this rice-pancake for Ofelia.ipàubósv be consumedIpaubos ko tanan ini na bibingka kan Pepito.I will-have this rice-pancake be-consumed by Pepito.màubósv be depleted, be used up, be exhausted, be consumedNaubos na an taba san duta.The soil fertlity is-depleted already.pagkàubósn depletionAn pagkaubos san inda balon an dahilan san alab ninda na pag-uli.The depletion of their provision is the cause of their coming-home early.

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