tuod2tûodadj MA-matûodadj true, accurate, factual, correct, properDidto ko namatyagi an matuod na pagmamahal sa kapwa.There I experienced the true loving for-a neighbor.magtûodv [c8] MAG-, UM- act; -ON pat; -AN acc; I- acc. believe, obey, have faithBasta magtuod ka lang sa Dios, mahihimo an tanan.As-long-as you just believe in God, all-things can-be-done.tùúdonv be obeyedTuudon ta si Itay kay agod palanggaon kita.Let's obey Itay so that we will-be-beloved.tùúdiv be believedTuudi niyo an ginsurat ni Sese.You-pl believe what Sese wrote.magmatûodv become trueNagmatuod an iya surmaton.Her word became-true.makapamatûodn verification, proof, authentication, corroboration, confirmation, substantiationIni an makapamatuod san kaayuhan san tanom para mabulong an sakit.This is the verification of-the value of plants for treating the sick.pagtûodn belief, faith, convictionDako gayod an pagtuod namon sa iya.Our faith in him is really immense.pagpamatûodn evidence, proof, reason, verification, substantiationIni tulo lang sa mga pagpamatuod.These-are just three evidences.kamatùúdann truth, fact, realityPero an kamatuudan, dili siya abugado.But the truth is, he is not a lawyer.pagkamatûodn truthfulness, truth, honesty, frankness, candorSa pagkamatuod inbaligya na ninda an inda duta sa aton.In truthfulness they have now sold their land to us-incl.

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