gamotgamótn rootAn gamot san bangkal nakapunit.The root of-the tree-called-bangkal can-cause-abortion.synugat2 1rootpagamutónv [c4] MAKA- exp; MAGPA- ag; PA-...-ON pat. cause to take rootPagamuton ko ini na sanga san rosas.I will-make this rose branch take-root.magpagamótv Marcot, grow root. This refers to the practice of stimulating new growth from a tree by skinning a portion of a small branch and packing it with moist soil. Roots will develop from this and the section of the branch with the new roots can be detached and plantedMagapagamot ako sin tsiko.I will-marcot a chico-tree.makagamótv able to root, able to take rootAn iya sakit nakagamot na kaya madugay ina bulungon.His illness has-been-able-to-take-root already so it-will-take-time to-cure it.

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