gab-igáb-in night, eveningDili ako maturog niyan na gab-i.I will not sleep this evening.antadlaw 2daykagab-íhonn eveningKatahom sini na kagab-ihon!O-the-beauty of-this evening!magab-ihánv [c4] MAG- exp; MA-..-AN pat; -ON pat. be benighted, be overtaken by nightAyaw kamo pagdugay agod dili kamo magab-ihan.Do not stay-long so-that you-pl will not be-overtaken-by-night.gab-i-gáb-iadv every nightpanigáb-in supper, evening mealNano an kaunon ta sa panigab-i?What shall we-incl eat for supper?synpanihaponsupperpapanigab-ihónv have someone eat supperPapanigab-ihon mo si Jose.Have Jose eat-supper.panigab-ihánn supper food, something to eat for supperWara kita sin panigab-ihan.We-incl have-nothing to-eat-for-supper.magpanigáb-iv MAG- act. eat supperNagpanigab-i na kami.We-excl have already eaten-supper.Variantmanigab-i eat supper

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