dyutaydyútayadj small, little, fewDyutay lang an nag-atindir san kompirinsya.Only a few attended the conference.antdamo multiplyantdamo manyantdako bignessantdako bigVariantdyot smallmagdyútayv [c5] MAG- exp; -ON pat; -AN goal. become small, become little, become fewMagadyutay an tawo kun dili siya magkaon.A person will-become-small if he does-not eat.dyut-dyútav be frugal, be thrifty, be spartan. Refers to living economicallyDyut-dyúta an iyo pangabuhay kay masakit sana an paghanap.Let your way-of-living be-frugal because earning-it is painful.dyutáyanv make smaller, reduce in size, reduce in number, reduce in quantity, decreaseGindyutayan san paratahi an akon pantalon.The tailor reduced the size of my pants.indyutáyanadv almostIndyutayan siya maligis san trak.He was almost run-over by-the truck.

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