prisintarprisíntarSpv [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- ben; PA-..-ON patVariantpresintarmagprisíntarv 1propose, suggest, offer, propose marriageNagprisintar si Pedro kan Maria.Pedro proposed-marriage to Maria.2applyNagprisintar siya sin trabaho.He applied for a job.3reportIprisintar sa amon an resulta san imo imbistigasyon.Report to us the result of your investigation.pagprisíntarn proposing, applying, reporting, suggesting, marriage_proposalWara sa oras an iya pagprisintar kan Maria.His marriage-proposal to Maria was-untimely.The marriage proposal is not simply a man proposing to a woman. A man and his family go to the woman and her family to propose marriage. There is a discussion about the suitability of the marriage and it often includes discussing the matter of dowry price the man's family will pay to the girl's family.

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