daogdàógv [c7] MAG-, MAKA- ag; -AN pat; I- accmakadâogv 1able to surpassWara'n pangyayari na makadaog pa sani.There-isn't-any event that still can-surpass this.2overwhelm, overcome, defeatDili makadaog sa pagguyod sana na kurukanaman si Nonoy.Nonoy cannot be overwhelmed in pulling that toy.magdaug-dáogv oppress, mistreat. Refers to taking advantage of another without regard to feelings or rights thru words, deeds or actionscftalaw pagdàug-dàúgonv be oppressedDili siya gusto na pagdaug-daugon kay gusto niya pantay-pantay lang.He did not-want to-be-oppressed because he just wanted equality.mangdàug-dâogv oppressHain na an mga nangdaug-daog?Now where are those-who are-oppressing-people?dinâogn losersynpyirde losertalo loser

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