sunodsúnodadj next, followingSa sunod na bulan Setyembre na.The next month will-be-September already.magsúnodv [c8] MAG-, MA-, UM-, MANG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. followNagasunod gayod sinda sin maayo.They really are-following well.sundiv obey someone (from sunudan)Sundi la niyo an gusto sana na bata.You-pl just obey what that child wants.sunúdonv 1be followedSunudon mo an kabataan sa iskwelahan.Follow the children to school.2obeySunudon mo an iya sugo.Obey his command.pasunúdonv tame. Animals can be tamed to obeyPasunudon mo an bwaya.You tame the crocodile.makasúnodv emulate, copy, try to imitateSin-o an makasunod san pagdusa ni Kristo sa krus?Who can emulate Christ's suffering on-the cross?parasúnodn follower, heirDamo siya sin parasunod.He has-plenty of followers.VariantsumurunodVarianttagasunodsurúndonn instructions ; guidelines, standardspanurúndonn regulation, rule, ruling, directive, bylaw, law, decreesurúndann unexpected event. An event which occurs earlier than planned as, for example, a woman who gives birth soon after marriage because of no family planningsunud-súnodadj subservient, servile, submissive, compliant, docile, meek

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