duhaduháadj twoIgwa sin duha na bata sa puno san kahoy.There-are two children at-the base of-the tree.kaduháadv twiceKaduha siya magsiyak.He shouted twice.tigduha-duhán two by two, by twosNagbilang kami sin tigduha-duha.We counted by twos.duhâann a pairduhâanadj suitable for twomagduháv [c4] 1be twoNagduha siya ka semana didi.She was-two weeks here.2MAG- act; -ON pat. become twoNagduha na an inda bata.They have two children now.ikaduháadj secondAn ikaduha na tawo si Maria.Maria was the second person.syndostwo

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