batobatón stone, rockMagabakal ako sin mga bato para sa agihan.I will-buy some stones for the path.batuhánn stony place. Refers to a place which is entirely stonekabatuhánn place of many stonesNahadlok kami na makahampak kami sa kabatuhan.We were-afraid that we would crash into the place-of-many-stones.batúhanv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. make stony, fill with stoneHamubo ini na parti. Batuhan mo para magtaas.This area is low. Fill-it with-stones in-order to-make-it-higher.Batuhan ta an malapok na lugar.We will-put-stones-on the muddy place.mabatóv stone, throw stonesMababato ko siya kun gugustuhan ko.I can-stone him if I wish.batubáton anchor, sinker

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