tunga1tungân 1middle, center, midst, mid waySa tunga san nagabarayli umabot si Mila.Mila suddenly-came into-the midst of-the dancers.Sa banda tunga san Nueva Ecija kag Nueva Vizcaya igwa gali sin zigzag.About the middle-between Nueva Ecija and Nueva Vizcaya there-was indeed a zigzag.2halfKumuha siya sin tunga sa gantang na bugas.She took 1/2 ganta rice.magtungâv [c2] MAG- act; IPA- acc. split in half, divide into two equal partsipatungâv put in the middleIpatunga an ulo sa imo mga tuhod.Place the head in-the-middle-between your knees.makatung-ánanadj middleMakatung-anan na san pyista na nagkadto siya sa syudad.It-was-the-middle of-the fiesta when he went to-the city.tigapatungân intermediary, one in the middle. This use refers to the religious concept of praying to saints who are considered intermediaries between people and GodHuna ko mas damo na tigapatunga mas madali an pagsabat.I thought that the-more intermediaries the quicker the answer.

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