sabawsabáwCebn soup, broth, gravyTagai man ako sin sabaw sa tasa.Please give me some soup in-a cup.sabawónv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I acc. make soupsabawánv 1pour soup on something, add soup to somethingSabawan mo an imo luto.Pour-soup-on your rice.2be swamped, be shipping water. Refers to water splashing into a boat because of wavesGinasabawan sin dagat an paraw.The boat is-being-swamped by ocean-water.sinabáwn specific k.o. soup. Refers to soup prepared with specific ingredientsNagbakal kami sin luto kag sinabaw na lutong intsik.We bought some cooked-rice and Chinese rice soup.This word is usually coupled with a modifier noun phrase specifying the kind of ingredients used in making the soup.

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