humot1humótn fragrance, scent, sweet smell, toilet waterAn humot san ilang-ilang masyado maisog.The fragrance of-the ilang-ilang flower is very strong.pahumótn perfume, cologne, sachet, incense, fragrance, toilet waterTagai ako san imo pahumot.Give me some-of your perfume.synolor perfumemahumótadj MA-, MA-..-ON. fragrant, aromatic, sweet scentedMahumot an ilang-ilang.The ilang-ilang flower is fragrant.Bahini man san imo pahumot.Please share-with-me your perfume.anthangot body odorpahumutánv [c8] MAGPA- ag; PA-..-ON pat; PA-..-AN goal; IPA- acc. perfumePahumutan ko an akon bado.I will-perfume my dress.Ginpahumutan niya an liog ni Juanita.She perfumed the neck of Juanita.cfsynolor perfume

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