ka-3prefixco-participant. The ka- prefix here signals a co-relationship based on the meaning of the stem to which it is affixedka-(upod)Nounco-accompanier, companionWara ako sin kaupod na taga-Masbate.I have-no companion who is-from-Masbate.ka-(klase)Nounco-classman, classmateDamo an amon nakita na mga kaklase didi sa Masbate.We saw many of our fellow-classmates here in Masbate.ka-(amigo)Nounco-friend, fellow-friendTanan na akon mga kaamigo turog na gayod.All of my fellow-friends were really already asleep.ka-(magurangan)Nounco-older-sibling, collective older siblingsMalipay gayod an akon mga kamagurangan.My collective-older-siblings are really happy.For more information on this ka- prefix, see the Grammatical Sketch, sec. 2.34.

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