tugastugásadj MA-matugásadj 1hardKun matugas an tiyan kag masakit darhon dayon siya sa doktor.If the stomach is hard and painful take her to-the doctor immediately.antyumok softsyntig-a hard2solid, firm, matureAyaw siya pagtagai sin matugas na pagkaon.Do-not give him any solid food.3difficultMatugas gabuton an ngipon kag masakit.The tooth is difficult to-pull and painful.magtugásv [c2] 1MAG- exp. be muscular, hardenHadlok ako na kadaka magtaba kag magtugas an mga lawas.I am-afraid that their bodies might become-fat and be-muscular.2become firm, become rigid, become stiffHaprus-hapruson an tiyan san iloy hasta na magtugas na an matris.Gently-massage the stomach of-the mother until the uterus becomes-firm.matugás an úloadj stubbornMatugas an ulo mo.You are-stubborn.

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