aniánin harvest, product, cropMaayo an inda ani yana na tuig.They have a good harvest this year.aníhann harvest siteAdto si Marta sa anihan.Marta is at-the harvest-site.tig-aníhann harvest timeMagaanay ako sin tulo pag-abot san tig-anihan.I will-have three sows-for-breeding when harvest-time arrives.Varianttag-anihananihónn crop for harvestPugto na an anihon na humay.The unhusked-rice crop-for-harvest is already over-ripe.mag-ániv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON pat. harvestDili sinda nagahasok o nag-ani man.They are not sowing-seed nor have-they-harvested also.aníhonv be harvestedAnihon mo an dawa.Harvest the millet.synabri 1open

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