bati1batîv [c8] MAG- act; MA- pat; -ON goal; -AN loc; I- acc.magbatîv hear, listen toWara siya magbatî san akon padaan.He did not listen-to my warning.mabatîv be heardWara ko mabati an pito san polis.The whistle of-the police was not heard by-me.mamatîv listenNamati kami san Tingog San Kamatuudan.We-excl listened-to the Voice Of Truth-program.pamatîonv be listened toPamation mo an bosis ni Kuh Ledesma.Listen-to the voice of Kuh Ledesma.pagpamátin hearing abilityMay dipirinsya na an iya pagpamati.His hearing-ability is defective already.parapamátin listenerDamo si Eddie Elarde sin parapamati sa iya programa sa radyo.Eddie Elarde has-many listeners to his program on-the radio.baratìónn listened to things, things heard. Refers to musical tapes, stories on cassette or anything which contains audio programming

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