hungawhungáwCebn odor, steam, vaporMalagsa an hungaw sana na pantyon.The odor from that tomb is fishy.cfhangot body odorsynbaho stenchadj leaky. For example, a pump may be leaky because it has no gasketHungaw an inda bomba sa tubi.Their water pump is leaky.pahungawánv [c3] MAG- ag; -AN ben; PA-..-ON pat; PA-..-AN goal. steam, aeratePahungawan mo an imo bayhon sin biks.Steam your face with Vicks.magpahungáwv MAGPA- ag; PA-..-ON pat. complain, pour out problems/heartaches, grumble, let off steam (coll)Nagpahungaw siya san iya mga problima didi sa akon.He poured-out his problems here to me.

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