hubashubásCebadj low tideManguha kita sin tagunhasan kay hubas niyan.Let's gather seashells because it is low-tide now.anttaobhigh tidehubásann tidewater flat, water edge, seashoreWara na sin tagunhasan sa hubasan.There are no-more seashells on-the tidewater-flat.parahubasánn seashell gatherer. Refers to people who gather certain kinds of seashells from the beach at low tide. The small animals inside the shells are edibleWara niyan sin parahubasan kay taob.There-is-no seashell-gatherer because it is high-tide.cfparapanihisihi seashell gatherermaghubásv [c5] 1MA- act; MAG- exp; -ON pat; AN goal. become low tideNagahubas na.It is already becoming-low-tide.2dry up. This meaning is used in reference to streams and riversNagahubas an tubi sa kasubaan.The water in-the rivers is-drying-up.

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