urhiúrhin rear, distant part, rear, distantAda sinda sa urhi sani na sarakyan.They-are in-the rear of-this vehicle.adj last, finalMalipayon siya san iya urhi na mga adlaw.He was-happy during his last days.synatrasádolastadv lateUrhi sinda nag-abot.They came late.magpàúrhiv [c2] 1MAGPA- act; MAPA- act. left behind, out of dateHabo siya magpaurhi sa moda.She does-not-want to-be-out-of-date in fashion.2arrive lateMapaurhi ako niyan na hapon.I will-arrive-late this afternoon.ipàúrhiv postponeIpaurhi mo an pag-ila.Postpone your courting.

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