lapitlápitadj HA-halápitadj near, close, in close proximityHalapit lang didi an inda balay.Their house is just near here.Halapit siya sa akon.She is near to me.synharani nearapiki nearVarianthalapítmaghalápitv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN- goal; I- acc. be nearing, be approaching, draw near, draw closeNagahalapit na sinda sa baryo.They were-nearing the village.Dili ka maghalapit sa akon.Do not draw-near to me.synharani draw nearVariantmaghalapítkahalápitn nearness, closeness, proximityUsad lang ka kilomitro an kahalapit san amon balay sa lungsod.The nearness of our house to-the town was-only a kilometer.pagkahalapítn closeness, nearnessAn pagkahalapit ninda wara magdugay.Their closeness did not last-long.

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