lukolúkoSpn male foolDiin magtago an luko?Where did the fool hide?kalukuhánn foolishness, evil, delusionNano an hinimo mo na kalukuhan?What foolishness have you done?panlulúkon deceit, trickery, falseness, deceitfulnessDili ako kompormi san imo panluluko.I do not agree with your decitfulness.parapanlúkon trickeryadj deceitfulDili ako mauyon sa imo parapanluko.I am-not in-agreement with your trickery.Ginahanap ninda an parapanluko na tawo.They were-searching-for the deceitful person.manlulúkoadj deceitful, insane, nonsensical, crazy, foolishHabo ako san manluluko na tawo.I dislike a deceitful person.maglúkov [c2] MAG- act. become foolishNagaluko na ina na tawo.That man is now becoming-foolish.lukúhonv [c13] -ON pat; I- acc. trick, deceive, cheatDili mo lukuhon an imo mga ginikanan.Do not deceive your parents.ilúkov something be used to cheat withNiyan sa gab-i iluko ta ini na kwarta na dili ginbaton.Tonight this money will-be-used-to-cheat by-us saying that it was not received.cflukafoolish woman

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