ubo2ubón coughAn ubo niya nagabalik-balik.His cough returns-again-and-again.mag-ubóv [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; -I acc. cough up phlegmNagaubo siya na may dugo.He is-coughing-up-phlegm speckled with blood.ubuhánv cough atDili mo ako ubuhan sa bayhon.Do not cough-at my face.ìubóv coughKun ikaw magaubo iubo mo sin kusog.If you are going-to-cough, cough strongly.cfsúgpàcough up bloodpag-ubón coughingDugay na an iya pag-ubo.His coughing has-lasted-a-long-time now.

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