sagram part locative prep. This is the marker for the Referent noun phrase. The translation of sa into English usually results in various prepositional meanings1withNag-upod siya sa amon.He accompanied with us.2at theAdto siya sa plasa.He is there at-the plaza.3to theMakadto siya sa uma.He will-go to-the farm.4on theGinbutang ko sa lamisa.I put it on-the table.5in regard toAbunda sa portina an latoy.String-beans are-rich in-regard-to protein.mápasav belong to. Attaching the affixes ma- and pa- to the sa phrase marker results in a sa phrase which is verbalized. The Topic of the clause is possessed by the pronoun head of the verbalized phrase. The affixes thus allow aspect inflection of the sa phrase as seen in the following examples.Mapasa akon ini.This-one belongs-to me.mapápasav will belong toMapapasa aton an iya irensyahon.His inheritance will-be ours.nápasav belonged toSa mga iba napasa inda an mga ginatuga san Dios.To others the-things God was-promising them were-being-granted.násaprep be in, be on, be atGinpaypay ninda na mag-apiki an inda mga kaurupod na nasa iba na baruto.They waved-at their companions who were-in another boat to-come-near.Nasa peligro gayod sinda.They really were-in danger.

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