lipaslípasCebv [c2] MAG- act; PA-..-ON pat.maglípasv pass time, subside. The basic meaning of this word is concerned with the passing of time. The latter meaning applies to appetite, desire or emotionTulo na ka bulan an naglipas tuna san maglayas siya.Three months have-passed already since he ran-away.palipásonv time be passedPalipason ta anay an duha ka simana antis kita malarga.Two weeks will-be-passed by-us-incl first before we can-leave.pakalípasadv after time passedPakalipas sin pira ka adlaw nagbalik si Juan.After a few days passed Juan came-back.paglípasn passing. Refers to the passing of timeWara ko namangnuhi an paglipas san panahon.I did-not notice the passing of time.palipásann past time

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