hapinhapínCebn amulet, charm, shield, cover. Considered a charm against enemies, evil spirits, against bladed arms, etc.Dili ina masamadan kay may hapin sa lawas.He cannot be-wounded because he has-a charm for-the body.cfanting-antingcharmbirtodcharmbugnamascotsynsangodamuletihapínv [c7] 1MAG- ag; -AN goal; I- acc. use something to cover, spread overIhapin mo an habol sa kama.You use the blanket to-cover the bed.2pad, add lining. Means to use something as a pad or to add as an additional layer to protect in some way, such as a lining for a dressGinhapin ko an sako sa likod san karabaw.I used the sack to-pad the water-buffalo's back.

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