tangkastángkasv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal/ben; I- acctangkasónv be removed, be extracted, be detachedNano kay gintangkas mo an mata san manika.Why did you remove the eye of-the doll.Dili mo pagtangkason an imo habay kay basi magsakit an imo tiyan.Do not remove your girdle because you stomach might become-painful.pagtángkasn detaching, releasing, freeingNadugay an pagtangkas san iya matris.The detaching of her uterus took-a-long-time.paratángkasn remover. One whose job it is to remove somethingpangtángkasn remover, eradicator. Refers to a tool or solutionAdi an pangtangkas san mantsa.Here is the stain remover.

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