hangolhangóladj selfish, stingy, greedy, miserly, parsimoniousHangol ina na bata. Dili nagahatag sa iya kapwa.That child is selfish. He does-not give-anything to his companion.cfpaslo selfishhangulánv [c12] -AN goal; I- acc. be selfish toward ; be greedy toward ; be stingy towardGinhangulan mo naman an imo amigo.You were-selfish again toward your friend.pagihangólv be greedy, be gluttonousAyaw pagihangol ina na pan kay damo sa bakery.Do-not be-greedy-with that bread because there-is-a lot in-the bakery.cfhakhak1 guffawhakmal haklab lamon synhakog selfishkahangóln selfishness, greediness, stingyness

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