tag-affixcharacterized by. Characterized by the meaning of the stem to which it is affixedtag(dyis)adjten each. Refers to the distribution of a quantity as characterized by ten each sharetagdyis sintimos'ten centavos each'tag-(iya)Nounowner, derived from iya 'his'tag-(urán)Nounrainy season, derived from uran 'rain'Pwerte gayod an lapok san kamino kun tag-uran.The street is really very muddy if it is rainy-season.tagdyutay-dyútayAdverblittle by little, derived from dyutay-dyutay 'very small'Masinghot niya an tubig na may asin tagdyutay-dyutay.He inhaled the salt water-mist little-by-little.

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