bilangbílangn count, numberAn bilang naurunapulo kaya madali.The count was-by-tens that's-why it was quick.adj 1everyAn bilang usad nagamaot na mag-uli na si Mila.Everyone is-wishing that Mila would go-home.2counted as, considered as, reckoned asBilang mga ginikanan, tagaan naton sin maayo na puturo an aton mga bata.Considered-as parents, we should give our children a good future.magbílangv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. count, reckon. Masbatenyos use native words to count from one to ten and for one hundred (gatos). After that they use Spanish numbers and quantities (syin "hundred", libo "thousand", milyon "million")Magbilang ka tuna sa singkwinta pasyin.You count from fifty to-one-hundred.syniskutinyocounting

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