laomlâomn hope, expectation, anticipationpaglâomn hoping, expecting, anticipatingDili ka mawaraan sin paglaom.Do not give-up hoping.maglâomv [c8] 1v [c8]MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN ben; I- acc. hope, expect, anticipateDili ka maglaom na mabalik pa si Edwin.Do not hope that Edwin will yet return.2v [c7]MAG- act; -AN ben; I- acc. depend, involveNaglaom ka naman kan Floramar.You depended in-turn on Floramar.paralâomn dependent. Refers to one who depends on another for his livelihoodSi Jose paralaom lang gihapon sa iya mga ginikanan.Jose is still just a dependent of his parents.malàúmanadj dependable, reliable, trustworthy, faithful, loyal, responsible, steadfastDili pa malauman ini na bata.This child is not yet dependable.

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