initínitn heatNapatay an karabaw sa init san adlaw.The water-buffalo died in-the heat of-the sun.màínitadj MA-, MA-..-ON. hotMainit pa an tubi sa tirmos.The water in-the thermos-bottle is still hot.anthagkot coldnessanttugnaw coldmàinít-inítadj warm, slightly hotMainit-init pa an tubi sa tirmos.The water in-the thermos is still warm.màínit-ínitadj very hotMainit-init pa ini na kape.This coffee is still very-hot.inítonv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal/ben. reheat, boil waterIniton mo an kapi.Reheat the coffee.mag-ínitv warmingNagainit na naman sa kwarto ko kay kalmada an hangin.It is-warming again in my room because the wind is calm.màinitónadj heated, always feels hot. Refers to a person who regularly feels warmMainiton si Noli kaya dili nagaT-shirt.Noli always-feels-hot so he does-not wear-a-T-shirt.màinitón an úloadj MA-, MA-..-ON. irritableMainiton an ulo niyan ni Paterno.Paterno is irritable today.pàiníton an úlov [c3] MAG- ag; -AN goal; PA-..-ON pat. irritateDili mo painiton an ulo ni Juan.Do not irritate Juan.

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